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Aliens on Venus?

All you need to known about the discovery of Phosphine in Venus' clouds! EDIT: The findings have since become into doubt after independent review of the data, but the science behind the potential discovery I discuss here is still interesting! I will do a blog post on some other linked discoveries soon, which I will… Continue reading Aliens on Venus?


What is Life?

The smallest unit of life is a cell. The human body (and other complex multicellular organisms) have millions, if not billions of different types of cells: skin cells act as a barrier between you and the environment, neurons (nerve cells) fire electrical impulses that tell you how to move and remember, various blood cells to… Continue reading What is Life?

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What is a Human?

Part One: The Science Humans seem pretty important, I mean, for a start it’s the only *intelligent* life form we know of… actually, intelligent is the wrong word: you could consider many animals intelligent- some use tools, some have complex mating rules, some have complex societies, some can even do basic maths and “talk back”… Continue reading What is a Human?

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What Makes Up The Universe? Part One

Part One: The Known When you think of what makes up the universe, you will probably think of atoms. Sure, they are the building blocks to most things we see around us, but as we discovered in a previous post, atoms aren’t the end of the story. The atoms are made up of smaller particles… Continue reading What Makes Up The Universe? Part One