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The Drake Equation

You can watch this as a YouTube video if you’d like! Linked below 🙂 After a fantastic response to my Kepler’s Laws posts, I decided to continue with my Equations of Space series, and return to one of my favourite areas of science, astrobiology! What is the Drake Equation? Essentially, it is a long… Continue reading The Drake Equation

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Aliens on Venus?

All you need to known about the discovery of Phosphine in Venus' clouds! EDIT: The findings have since become into doubt after independent review of the data, but the science behind the potential discovery I discuss here is still interesting! I will do a blog post on some other linked discoveries soon, which I will… Continue reading Aliens on Venus?

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Astrobiology 101: Where are all the Aliens?

Terms and Conditions Apply. The Milky Way is over 100,000 light years across. That’s a whole lot of football pitches! It has at least 100 billion stars (with some estimates reaching all the way to 400 billion!) and the range in estimates for the number of planets in the galaxy is from ‘just’ 50 billion… Continue reading Astrobiology 101: Where are all the Aliens?