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Top Tips for Astrophotography and Stargazing

Summer is fast approaching, and with it ~hopefully~ should come some clearer spells great for backyard astronomy (or garden stargazing as I like to call it!). The past few months have been dreadful for amateur astronomers like myself, with storms and thick layers of cloud filling the skies on all but a couple of nights.… Continue reading Top Tips for Astrophotography and Stargazing

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A Tour of the Night Sky: March 2021

As we are leaving winter behind and entering spring, we finally might see some warmer weather and clearer skies (fingers crossed!), making stargazing and astronomy much easier and more pleasant. The downside is that nights are getting shorter, so you may have to stay up a little later to see fully dark skies, whereas in… Continue reading A Tour of the Night Sky: March 2021

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Why is Mars so bright? And other things to see in the October sky

You look out your window in the evening to the south and spot a brighter-than-usual red 'star'. It moves across the night sky and is setting/has set by morning. In fact, it is not a star, but Mars! A hastily snapped photo when I realised it was just peaking through the clouds! (ISO 6400, shutter… Continue reading Why is Mars so bright? And other things to see in the October sky

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Stargazing 101- comets and new kit

Last night I managed to convince my dad to go comet hunting with me, so we trekked over to the field (as our garden is surrounded by annoyingly tall trees that block the sun at 4:30 and any stars that aren't directly overhead) to try catch a glimpse of Comet Neowise before it disappeared. We… Continue reading Stargazing 101- comets and new kit

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The Patterns in the Sky

How does constellation mythology change through cultures? My favourite constellations are Leo, Gemini, Orion and Ursa Major… basically the major constellations of the Northern Sky! It’s amazing how we can look up at the sky and see patterns. Ever since the beginning of humankind, people have made up stories to explain what they see in… Continue reading The Patterns in the Sky

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Stargazing 101

My first proper stargazing/astronomy experience So recently I was given a Celestron telescope to borrow for the summer! And seeing as I don’t have much else to do during this crazy time, I thought I might as well start straight away. I’ve attempted to use a telescope previously, but never really had much success, for… Continue reading Stargazing 101