Thanks 2021!

What a year! It was definitely a busy one- as you could probably guess seeing as I’ve only published 3 articles since July! I didn’t get to spend as much time writing for here as I’d hoped, so I didn’t quite reach my goals for visitors and views- but I’m so grateful for every single… Continue reading Thanks 2021!

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How to find and make the most of work experience!

Getting work experience is difficult even in normal years, and the pandemic made it even more challenging. But don't let this deter you! Work Experience is really valuable, and can help you figure out what you like (and don't like) so you can narrow down the fields you want to pursue further. When searching for… Continue reading How to find and make the most of work experience!

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Thanks 2020!

While most people are celebrating new year, I get to celebrate another milestone- the second birthday of Never Trust An Atom! And what a two years it’s been- I love this community of science and astronomy enthusiasts, I’ve gotten to interview (or just chat with in a comments section) so many awesome people 🤩. Here’s… Continue reading Thanks 2020!

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Why Science needs Women

February 11th was the International Day for Women and Girls in Stem (wow that’s a mouthful to say!). But why is this day so important? Why isn’t it just STEM day? It’s because last year, only 8,000 girls took A-Level physics, but over THREE TIMES as many boys did. (sciencefocus.com) It’s because Women make up… Continue reading Why Science needs Women