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New Scientist Live 2019

'The World's Greatest Science Festival' Early last month, I got to go to New Scientist Live, a 4 day exhibition (though I only went to one day) run by New Scientist, showcasing the talents behind the stories run every week! Tickets are available to everyone, and with 120 talks across 7 stages, and over 150… Continue reading New Scientist Live 2019


What is a Human? Part Two

Part Two: What makes us Special? If humans are just a product of billions of years of chemical reaction and evolution, then what makes us special? Some may argue that, in short, we aren’t. And it’s true that animals are not just reliant on instincts, with no emotion- people like Darwin, and later Jane Goodall… Continue reading What is a Human? Part Two

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What is a Human?

Part One: The Science Humans seem pretty important, I mean, for a start it’s the only *intelligent* life form we know of… actually, intelligent is the wrong word: you could consider many animals intelligent- some use tools, some have complex mating rules, some have complex societies, some can even do basic maths and “talk back”… Continue reading What is a Human?