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Our place in the universe!

Where are we in the universe?  When I was younger, whenever I was tasked with addressing Christmas letters or thank yous, I would always be overly specific- house, street, town, county, country, earth… ending with The Universe! But where in the universe actually are we?   Starting off with the basics: Earth is the 3rd planet… Continue reading Our place in the universe!

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Astrobiology 101: Where are all the Aliens?

Terms and Conditions Apply. The Milky Way is over 100,000 light years across. That’s a whole lot of football pitches! It has at least 100 billion stars (with some estimates reaching all the way to 400 billion!) and the range in estimates for the number of planets in the galaxy is from ‘just’ 50 billion… Continue reading Astrobiology 101: Where are all the Aliens?