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CubeSats- the future of the space industry?

In-Space's Faraday Satellite Last year, I got the chance to do some work experience at In-Space Missions, and I got to see what it really takes to launch a satellite- from design to orbit! It was such a valuable experience to hear from space professionals talk about their jobs and their journey into such an… Continue reading CubeSats- the future of the space industry?

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How JWST can see exoplanets and ‘a bee on the moon’

If you’ve paid attention to any science news lately, you’ll know that the long awaited James Webb Space Telescope was probably this year’s best christmas present for anyone in the space community, with a successful launch yesterday (25/12/21) just before UK readers were tucking into christmas lunch! And when you hear that this mission is… Continue reading How JWST can see exoplanets and ‘a bee on the moon’

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Space on Earth

When we celebrated World Space Week (4-10th October), much of the focus was on, well, space! And when you think about fields like astrobiology, you probably think of exoplanets, exploring the solar system or maybe aliens in sci-fi movies. But a lot of space research, especially that of astrobiology or planetary science, is actually conducted… Continue reading Space on Earth