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Holiday Geology: Dartmoor

For my practice DofE expedition last April, we headed down to Dartmoor… and it's safe to say that coming from the relatively flat central south England, the hills were a shock! But why is Dartmoor so hilly, compared to the rest of the South? The dichotomy is often depicted on maps by the imaginary Tees-Exe… Continue reading Holiday Geology: Dartmoor


Apollo 11: What we learnt and what’s to come

On July 20th, 52 years ago, humanity first set foot on the moon- the culmination of the original cold war era space race and the endless hours of work of countless passionate scientists and engineers from across the world. Although the program didn’t blossom into permanent inhabitation of the moon, it inspired so many people… Continue reading Apollo 11: What we learnt and what’s to come

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Science at the South Pole: Fire and Ice

“Antarctica is a huge continent, nearly double the size of Australia, and more or less untouched by humanity (at least until we started polluting the globe with plastic and greenhouse gases). It’s almost entirely covered by ice sheets averaging over a mile thick (but can be triple that in East Antarctica), which meet the sea… Continue reading Science at the South Pole: Fire and Ice