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Is the Standard Model falling apart?

In the past few weeks, not one, but two scientific papers have hit the headlines, hinting at serious changes to the Standard Model. But is this a sign the equations just need to be tweaked, or is it time to throw the model out all together? What is the Standard Model? At its core, the… Continue reading Is the Standard Model falling apart?

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Who was Rosalind Franklin?

A chemist, a physicist, a biologist: Rosalind Franklin was a truly inspiring woman, who- as you may notice is a recurring theme in the lives of historical female figures- went against the odds to strive for a career in science, despite the sexist beliefs of not just society, but also her father’s and lab partners’.… Continue reading Who was Rosalind Franklin?

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Never Trust An Atom, They Make Up Everything… Right?

Atoms are all around us, they make up everything that you can see around you. They can be thought of as the building blocks of the world, the things that you can touch: There is silicon in the glass in the vase next to me, and a vital part of all our electronics; iron in… Continue reading Never Trust An Atom, They Make Up Everything… Right?