Never Trust An Atom turns One!

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I started this blog! The hours I spent last Christmas setting it up have paid off… since then, I have written 30,000 words, gained 190 instagram followers and published 25 blog posts (which have been seen by over 600 visitors!).

What have been the Highlights?

world map showing where my viewers came from
We went Global!

My Top 5 Blog Posts by views!

  1. What Makes up the Universe Part 2: The Unknown
  2. Do Plants Get Sun-burnt?
  3. Why Science Needs Women
  4. Never Trust An Atom, They Make Up Everything… Right?
  5. Should we go to Space? and Astrobiology 101: Where are all the aliens?

What’s next for Never Trust An Atom?

I’ve got lots of ideas, but here are a few that are likely to be written soon:

  • Supervolcanoes- Earth and Space
  • Black Holes 101
  • Quantum Biology
  • Pushing the limits of sight
  • Starlink: Simply Space Junk?

Of course, please let me know in the comments if you like any of these, or have any other ideas or questions! Make sure you get to read them all by following me on instagram/ wordpress and turning post notifications on, or signing up for email updates!

I hope you guys have liked the blog this year, and I appreciate all the support!

Here’s to another exciting year of science and blogging!


If you can’t trust an atom… trust in science!

☆it’s like magic, but it’s true whether you believe it or not!☆

See you in 2020!



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