My top 20 fave youtube channels to watch!

In case you weren’t aware, I’ve recently started a YouTube channel! I’m going to focus on science and life as a student, but also some about sports! Basically a bit of everything that I find interesting, and hopefully you will to! You can find that here:

Once you’ve subscribed to me (aha) make sure to check out some of the awesome channels below! In no particular order, here are my favourite channels! (Disclaimer- this was mostly off the top of my head so I’ve probably accidentally missed some really good channels I love, if I have, I will add them in over time, or do a Part 2!)

Dr Becky

Probably my favourite youtuber at the moment is Dr Becky- I live for her night sky news each month! Its always great to hear what new discoveries have occurred and what to look out for over the coming weeks, as well as her weekly videos about space. Her current series focuses on the great debates in physics, talking not just about the science, but also the people!

My fave videos: A Day In the Life of an Astrophysicist her PhD Thesis and any Night Sky News!

Julia Ravey Science

I’ve followed Julia on Instagram for a while, but have only recently started to watch her youtube channel! I love learning about neuroscience, as its not something I know much about, and she makes great videos about it! She also talks about life as a (PhD) student, so it’s a great channel to watch if you are thinking about life beyond school!

My fave videos: Preparing for Uni and A Guided Tour of the Brain

Science with Bexy

If you’re bored of Mr Free Science Lessons, make sure to check out Bexy’s channel! She’s so enthusiastic and covers topics from KS3 and GCSE, as well as some other fun facts! 

Louise Does Life

I’ve followed her on Instagram for AGES now, and I’m loving her youtube videos on sustainability and uni life! Louise is such an underrated studytuber- make sure to check her channel out! She also has a blog which you can read here!

Dr Esther

I’ve been loving her “I ask the scientists” series at the moment, where she interviews a bunch of scientists from the same field, and asks them the same questions! It’s great to see scientists from all different backgrounds being featured, and her other series focuses on telling the stories of underrepresented people in STEM! Check out her channel here

My fave video: Asking scientists why they love space

PBS Eons

Fossils, dinosaurs and all sorts of life in the distant past! Do I really need to say more?!

My fave videos: The History of Climate Cycles Explained , When the Mediterranean Sea Disappeared and The Dinosaurs that lived in the Arctic.

Unjaded Jade

What a QUEEN! Watch for studytube content, uni life, and how to be a better person! 

I love her gap year series and quarantine day in the lifes!


Another studytuber who studied my dream course at my dream uni! I love her day in the lifes, it makes me so inpsired to work hard so I can get in!

The Royal Institution

I ADORE the christmas lecture series!! My favourites were Hannah Fry (any other curious cases podcast fans out here?!), and Aoife McLysaght and Alice Roberts. Other lectures I’ve enjoyed: Quantum Biology, How Tyrannosaurs Ruled the World and Under the Sea.

The Space Gal

If you can’t wait until tomorrow to watch Emily’s new show, check out her youtube channel for some cool home science experiments to do while you wait! My favourites are How Soap Kills Coronavirus and How to Extract Star Poison from Cereal

Physics Girl

An iconic channel, I aspire to be like Diana! This was one of the first channels I watched, back when Vsauce posted regularly. I love her enthusiasm!

My fave videos: What happens when you Stretch , The Ultraviolet Catastrophe and Why This Stuff Costs $2700 Trillion Per Gram 

Mark Rober

Always hilarious, and you will come away having learned science even without realising it! I love his physics lessons series from the start of lockdown, when he made a squirrel assault course, and The World’s Largest Elephant’s Toothpaste Experiment

SciShow Space

Can always count on them for short videos on space news or cool space stuff!

And of course the other big ones!

Veritasium, Minute Physics, Minute Earth, Stand Up Maths, Tom Scott and ASAP Science. ASAP Science have also recently done a few videos on diversity in science and racism, which I thoroughly recommend.

Never Trust An Atom

My youtube channel! I’ve been posting astronomy vlogs, space videos, studytube type stuff, and I have lots more to come! Make sure to like and subscribe!

Some channels I haven’t yet watched but have been told are good so are on my list

This list is definitely not exhaustive, and there are probably channels that I love that I have accidentally missed out- sorry! Drop your favourite youtubers in the comments!


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